In this vibrant and spirited new comedy, we delve into the themes of Black femininity, the bonds of sisterhood, and the complexities of motherhood – including its earliest stages. Crafted by playwright Jessica Hagan, known for "Queens of Sheba," and produced by the acclaimed Nouveau Riche company, recognized for "For Black Boys…", this world premiere promises to be a dynamic and thought-provoking experience.

The story revolves around Ama, who finds herself on a tumultuous path after a surprising break-up and feeling overshadowed by her married younger sister. Ama's quest to become a mother takes her on a whirlwind adventure, navigating through the challenges of a scarcity of Black sperm donors, a healthcare system tinged with racial biases, and the intense pressure from her own family.

Ama's journey is marked by a series of uncomfortable conversations, clumsy encounters, and bold choices. As she races against time, the play encapsulates the humor, resilience, and determination of a woman on a mission to embrace motherhood.

Praise for Queens of Sheba by Jessica Hagan/Nouveau Riche

The Independent

★★★★ ‘A theatrical firecracker… Gloriously entertaining’

The Guardian

★★★★ ‘Black women speak their truths… With insight, power [and] joy’

A Nouveau Riche and New Diorama co-production. Co-commissioned by New Diorama and Soho Theatre.

Supported by Arts Council England, Jerwood Arts, Cockayne Foundation, City of London Community Infrastructure Levy Neighbourhood Fund.

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