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Jessica Hagan is an acclaimed playwright and a vibrant voice in modern theatre, renowned for her ability to weave compelling narratives with profound social commentary. Her most notable work, Queens of Sheba, has earned widespread acclaim for its insightful exploration of the experiences of Black women. Her writing, marked by a unique blend of prose, poetry, and song, captivates audiences, seamlessly merging entertainment with thought-provoking themes.

A trailblazer in addressing issues of race, gender, and identity, Hagan’s work resonates deeply in today’s socio-cultural landscape. Her storytelling prowess and commitment to highlighting underrepresented voices make her a significant figure in contemporary theatre, inspiring both audiences and fellow artists. Through her art, Hagan continues to challenge norms and spark meaningful conversations, solidifying her place as a key influencer in the world of drama.

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Michelle Asante

Award-nominated Michelle Asante shines in theatre and TV, notably in ‘Sunset Baby,’ ‘Monroe,’ and in Netflix’s ‘Top Boy.’

Jordan Duvigneau

Jordan Duvigneau captivates in ‘My Mum Tracy Beaker,’ along with notable roles in ‘Homeland’ and ‘Doctors,’ showcasing his versatile acting talent.

Jahmila Heath

Jamaican-born Jahmila Heath, a neurodivergent actor, blends Caribbean flair with spoken word and visual arts, focusing on folklore and history.

Edward Kagutuzi

Edward Kagutuzi, a dynamic actor and filmmaker, excels in bringing complex characters to life with his profound emotional depth.

Anita-Joy Uwajeh

Anita-Joy Uwajeh captivates with her versatile acting in theater and film, known for profound portrayals and compelling stage presence.


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Assistant Designer

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Stage Manager

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Production Manager for NDT

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Producer for Nouveau Riche

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